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What’s in the Vonu Box?

• Goats Milk & Aloe Vera Soap – By Tilley Soaps Australia Perfect soap for Summer. Both Goats Milk and Aloe Vera aid in the repair of dry skin leaving you hydrated and moisturised. Goats Milk provides vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E, that feed the skin and are absorbed into the body. Made from a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oil, Shea butter and natural vitamin E.

• Every Sending Love Gift Box comes with a collectable Antique Charm – This month is an Antique Silver Turtle (Vonu). In Fijian mysticism, turtles symbolize fertility, wellness and protection. The shell is a symbol of heaven, and the underside a symbol of earth. Thus, the turtle is an animal whose magic unites heaven and earth. And because they travel between the sea and the land, turtles are believed to transport the soul to Nirvana.

• Vonu Shopping Bag or Beach Bag – this gorgeous bag measures 58cm x 36cm x 18cm approximately. It has comfortable soft rope handles, top zipper, fully lined, internal zip pocket and is made from 65% Polyester – 35% Cotton. You are going to get so much use from this bag. I love my Vonu Bag.

• Ladies Cap – Keep the sun off your face with this stylish sports cap. It is light and very comfortable. I like how the air can easily circulate around my head keeping me cool. (assorted design).

• Vonu Antique Silver Anklet or Bracelet. Your new Acrylic Boho style Anklet or bracelet is 24cm long so it can be worn in many ways. The blue and natural coloured starfish are beautiful and the little Vonu completes this beautiful piece of jewellery.

• Lava 4oz Soy Wax Candle – Sea Salt Rose Scented. The soft, floral scent of freshly picked roses married with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt. It is perfect for use after a hectic day. 20 hours burn time (Please read our Candle Safety Guide on our website before use)


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