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What’s in the Gardenia Box?
• Tropical Gardenia Soap – By Tilley Soaps Australia. Gardenia symbolizes love, harmony and grace. Let the intensely floral, silky aroma intoxicate you. Made from a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oil, Shea butter and natural vitamin E.
• Every Sending Love Gift Box comes with a collectable Antique Charm – This month is a wooden Babushka or Matryoshka doll. The Latin root word of Matryoshka is mater, which means “mother.” Motherhood, family and love. The Matryoshka doll is a symbol of the Russian babushka, a strong female matriarch and the central figure in any family.
• Love Heart Photo Frame – This pair of white painted wooden love heart photo frames are joined in the middle by an ampersand, the perfect “You & Me” photo frame. This photo frame celebrates love and can be used for photos of Partners, Parent, Grandparents, children or beloved pets. Measures 29cm long.
• Red Love Letter Block. This timber block is 27cm long and is stunning.

• Votive Frosted Glass Tealight Holder – This delightful Tealight holder will complement any décor.
• Set of 8 Serenity Gardenia scented Tealight candles. Exquisite white gardenia with sweet green notes and an intense floral body that captures the natural aroma of this beautiful flower. Burn time is 4 hours (Please read our Candle Safety Guide on our website before use)


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