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What’s in the Diffuse Box?

  • Violet Fields Soap – By Tilley Soaps Australia (Since 1865) – A sweet powdery, floral perfume that’s generously aromatic. Like Fields of Violets, you could just immerse yourself in this therapeutic fragrance. Made from a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oil, Shea butter and natural vitamin E.


  • Every Sending Love Gift Box comes with a collectable Antique Charm – This month is a Silver plated carved Violet Flower charm. Did you know a white violet symbolises “innocence” while a purple violet symbolizes that the giver’s “thoughts were occupied with love”? That is so beautiful.


  • Rose Scented Ceramic Diffuser – This ceramic stone diffuser will fill your home with extraordinary aroma. Perfect for cupboards, wardrobes or bathrooms.  To use, simply spray 2-3 pumps of the fragrance oil onto the back of the stone. The stone will absorb and slowly diffuse the fragrance.  Last up to 3 months.


  • 5ml Spray Perfume Atomizer Bottle – Never leave home without your favourite perfume again. To fill atomizer simply disassemble atomizer then place the small funnel into the bottle opening. If you have a non-spray bottle of fragrance, pour it directly into the bottle. Otherwise, hold your spray bottle close to the funnel opening and spray perfume into the funnel. Put theatomizer back together and place the cap on top.
  • Car Air Freshener Perfume Diffuser – To use simply unscrew the cap, drill hole with an awl in the plastic plug. You can adjust concentration of the scent by the number of holes you drill. Turn bottle upside down so the oils penetrate the drift wood cover, inverted once a week. Do not remove small plugs, oil will overflow.
  • Violet Scented Sachet – Perfect for your bathroom.
  • Lemon Blossom and Summer Moss Scented 6oz Candle –  A perfect way to rejuvenate the atmosphere in your home. Sit back, relax and revive your home with the fresh tones from this lovely Lemon Blossom & Summer Moss Scented Candle.

(Please read our Candle Safety Guide on our website before use)


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