Brolly Brain Tease

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What’s in the Brolly Brain Tease Box?

  • Rosebud Love Soap – Each pretty Rosebud of which is beautifully formed to look just like the real flowers are all you need for that romantic bath with your partner.
  • Every Sending Love Gift Box comes with a collectable Antique Charm – This month is an Antique Silver Brolly Charm.
  • Dotty Brolly. – You will love your new Dotty Brolly.  It has a 3-section metal shaft, timber handle, Dotty black and white fabric, automatic push button open and close, reinforced frame for extra strength, approx length when closed 32cm, approx canopy diameter when open 98cm and it is so handy.
  • Puzzle Book – You will love this Brain –teasing puzzle book. Curl up on a raining day and be engrossed hour after hour. Included is a pencil ready for action. (One of 5 assorted Books)
  • Sending Love “Signature Scent” Travel Candle
    Wherever you are, relax and unwind to the subtle aromas of our own “Signature Scent” travel candle. (Please read our Candle Safety Guide on our website before use)


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