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Tea is just terrific.

There are so many positives about sitting down and having a cuppa. Did you know that after water, tea is the most widely consumed drink on Earth? There are so many different types of tea, but tea is generally divided into categories based on how it is processed. There are at least six different types produced:

  •    White: Wilted and un-oxidized
  •    Yellow: Un-wilted and un-oxidized, but allowed to yellow
  •    Green: Un-wilted and un-oxidized
  •    Oolong: Wilted, bruised, and partially oxidized
  •    Black: Wilted, sometimes crushed, and fully oxidized
  •    Post-fermented: Green tea that has been allowed to ferment/compost


While herbal teas are also referred to as tea, most of them do not contain leaves from the tea plant.

Tea is extremely healthy for you (but remember all good things should be consumed in moderation). Not only does Tea give you the kick you may need to start the day it also:

  • Gives you endurance – Tea can boost incise endurance. Scientists have found that the antioxidants in tea can increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.
  • Reduce heart attacks – Drinking tea can help reduce the risk of heart attack.
  • Help protect against Cancer – The antioxidants in tea may help protect against numerous cancers.
  • Flatter Tummy – Lower your body mass index – BMI (Wow, I’m stopping for a cuppa right now!)
  • Reduce sunburn – Research now suggests a refreshing cup of tea might provide added protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • Helps with Oxygen Radical Absorbency.
  • Improves your bone mineral density.
  • Can be beneficial for Type 2 Diabetes.


You shouldn’t be throwing away your tea bags after using them. Used bags can have numerous other remarkable uses afterwards. Let me explain!

Take car deodorisers for instance, they’re either too strong, too weak, or don’t last very long. Most of the time you have just covered the smell. Why not use a flavoured teabag instead – use a Vanilla/Cinnamon or Lemongrass or Peppermint flavour? The smell will be subtle, but lingering. Just pop a couple under the seats or in the ashtray and they will not only smell good, they’ll absorb moisture and help get rid of the underlying smell. But please make sure that after you have your cuppa, you allow the tea bag to completely dry before you pop them under the car seat. Teabags are also wonderful for smelly joggers. Just put a tea bag in each shoe and the tea will absorb the bad odour, and help with the moisture as well.

Katie and I love tea so much that we went on an excursion to “Madura Tea”. One of Australia’s favourite tea companies that is situated here on the Northern Rivers of NSW. Our time there was absolutely fabulous! We loved it so much that we’ve decided to share one of their blends with our monthly box subscribers. Each subscriber will receive a box of Madura Tea Premium Blend.

Drinking tea is such a special thing to do. Particularly when it’s with the people you love. I must admit though, regardless of the brand or type of tea; it’s just a calming and great thing to do with people that you love.

Wish you a beautiful day!


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