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Spring has sprung and it is the time for L-O-V-E

Isn’t Spring delightful? Now that we are a few weeks in, are you just loving it? The change of weather, the flowers starting to bloom, the leaves coming out on the trees; it all just speaks of life, growth and beauty. Spring is like the Earth giving back!


I am fortunate to have grown up in Northern New South Wales and now, my daughter Katie and I live on the Southern end of the glorious Gold Coast. And you know, there is something extra special about spring when you live in a tourist mecca! The days get warmer and the beaches start to fill up. Not just the veterans who swim or surf no matter what the temperature, but the “normal” people return to the beaches and the shoreline starts to resemble a Ken Done painting with the spots of colour from new beach towels and beach umbrellas returning as the days get warmer.


I think us locals love springs at the beach the best! It is warm enough to head down and enjoy the ocean as the northerly currents bring warm water to our shores and the midday sun is not yet too harsh to burn pale skin like mine even through my hat and sleeved shirts!


And boy, do things grow up here over the spring! If you are at all into gardening this is the time to plant, water and watch the magic happen as the days warm up, acting like an incubator for the dormant seeds. I love watching the frangipanis especially. One of the few deciduous plants in this part of the world, the warm weather brings life to what otherwise looks like a dead stump, producing the glorious flowers that decorate our gardens for the rest of the warm season.


So what are your plans for this Spring? Are you a itching to get into the garden and get things growing? If that is you then you will love our profile box for this month, our “Garden Lover’s Box”. For this month only, buy a three month subscription to Sending Love and get the “Garden Lover’s Box” for free!


Give it to your friend or keep it as a little gift for yourself (write in the notes when you order and we can send it to you!) – a special Spring treat!

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