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Smells of my childhood. Do you remember the smells of your childhood? 

I have very mixed memories about the smells of my childhood growing up in a semi-rural suburb of North Sydney.

I remember the great smells like the peach orchard in early summer when the peaches were ready to pick, and the juicy ripe tomatoes from over 10,000 plants. The smell of my trail bike when I kicked it over and the magnificent scents the freesia’s released that grew wild over our property. I also remember the smell of my skin when I accidentally jumped into the dam on purpose on those hot summer days. The smell of fresh hay, back burning, Christmas roasts and choc-caramel paddle pops on Friday afternoons. New lead pencils at the beginning of each year also caught my senses so I have fond memories of that too.

There were more than a few not so good ones as well. Smells like mums steak and kidney pie. Cow poo, home brew and most of all my brother. There was my brothers’ feet, my brothers’ bedroom, my brothers’ breath, and my brothers’ clothes. Yep, you get the picture, my brother almost drove me insane.

The best smell in the world though, was the smell of my grandmother. Whether it was her beautiful skin, her clothes or even her hair, she smelt like roses, seriously!  I remember she always dressed well. She had long flowing hair that was always styled, big hazel eyes and long tall legs. She was magnificent, she always smelt of roses.

I found her captivating because she always managed to have her nails nicely painted. She had great looking nails that she painted to match her outfit. To a tomboy, she was mesmerising but most of all, she left magnificent memories for me that can never be erased.

Her scent was roses and clean combined. It’s not a great description but that’s what it was. A mixture of perfume, soap, moisturisers and powders made her special and comforting. For many years I would search to purchase the same products she used but as time went by, products were discontinued and replaced with upbeat funky stuff.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a top Australian candle manufacturer on the Gold Coast, where together, we spent many hours developing a number of unforgettable scents. One of them, you guessed it, smells of roses. I’ve called it “Vintage Rose”. It’s a melt that we’ve created and is exclusive to Sending Love, our monthly subscription gift box company.

To me, “Vintage Rose” is fresh, crisp and clean, and leaves a smell of a mature rose in the air. It’s not overly florally or sweet, and it’s definitely not an in your face girlie-girl fragrance. It’s feminine and natural. When melting, it shouts out rose gardens, morning tea’s with friends, scones and jam, home cooking and aprons. But most of all, it shouts out my Grandma.

I’m pleased to announce that our “Vintage Rose Melts” are now available to you. You can purchase our melts by themselves or in a stunning Oil Burner Gift Set.

You won’t be disappointed!

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