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Sending Love is turning 3!!!

I really can’t believe it! It seems like only a few months ago that I started on this crazy adventure and can I say – every time I get an email, Facebook message or note from you saying how much our boxes mean to you and your loved ones, I know it’s all worth it.


And I do get so many messages! It actually makes my day. I love hearing what you do with your boxes and how you use them to brighten up someone’s day, someone’s week or even someone’s year. It is such a blessing to be a part of this generous community of women. And yes, it is almost always women who buy our boxes. Women who want to shower blessing on each other, women who see a sister struggling and want to lift her up so to remind her that she has a reason to walk tall and, of course, women who want to celebrate friendship.


And that is what, for me, the last three years has been about. Celebrating relationships and love. I feel an incredible privilege to be on the journey with you all. Some of you have been through chemotherapy and have come out the other side, and our little boxes of love have eased the suffering just a little. Some of you have had broken marriages and your friends have shared a box each month to remind you that even though one relationship is not redeemable, there are other relationships and loves in your life that are stronger than ever.


And do you know, it is not just the things inside the box? As beautiful, lovingly chosen and charming as they are, it is the box itself. The box is a symbol of love, of friendship and of hope. My hope, for all these boxes that have been sent out over the last three years, is that they are received as a tangible example of the intangible feelings of love. That each box is received with hope, wonder and warmth – for both the giver and the recipient.


Thank you for being a part of the Sending Love journey with me…. and really that is what it has been – a journey. To celebrate why not share this beautiful quote and tag someone who you love!


Lots of love,

Lisa xx


About Us

My name is Lisa. I believe in love, I believe in dreaming and I believe in reaching for the impossible. I believe that we should all be able to show those who are special to us just how much we care – and that is why I created Sending Love.