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Mouths of Mums Promotion

Let us first start by saying that we love, love, love Mouths of Mums!

What a magnificent site, there’s always something new and exciting going on. I really enjoy their daily emails that keep you up to date with current news in relation to children, families and Mums in general. I find the way they communicate the information is clear, precise and brief.

Everyone needs to check it out!

The competition page is amazing, there are so many competitions you can enter and it costs you absolutely nothing! That’s right, it’s completely FREE. Currently there are 16 awesome prizes up for grabs. Funny enough one of them is ours, a Sending Love Box. Some of the other prizes are a Music Scholarship, a trip to Bali and lots of DVD’s. When having a look at the completion page you will need a couple of hours to read and enter, do yourself a favour and grab a cuppa before you start.

One of our other favourites is the Recipes. Just looking at the photos makes your mouth water (maybe you might need a biscuit with that cuppa) Chocolate, Chickpea and Peanut Butter Cookies look like they would melt in your mouth. And the Cake Mix Cinnamon Donuts – stop it! How easy and cost effective is this? Maybe a great snack for the school holiday or to take on a morning tea picnic. Mouth of Mums also has an area on their site where you can share your own recipes with other Mums by posting them. It’s great to get tips from other ladies as to what they’re putting into School Lunchboxes or feeding the tribe at dinner. I really enjoy the ideas in the 4 Ingredients area. Who knew a snack could be so easy to prepare? Well worth checking it out.

Mouths of Mums also has a loyalty program. The rewards have been designed to reward all Mouths of Mums members for taking part.
Basically, the organisation and site is all about mums connecting with other mums – for fun, for advice, to hear reviews from real mums, sample new products and to win great prizes.

Mouths of Mums is definitely worth a look!

Click here to go directly to their WEBSITE

Click here to go directly to their FACEBOOK PAGE

Enjoy, and best of luck!

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