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4 Tips for getting the best from your soap

1. Store and cure it 

Most cakes of soap have not been cured, particularly the ones that come in some form of wrapper. So as soon as you get it, unwrap it and store it in your bathroom cupboard or drawer for at least 8 weeks. This curing process will harden your soap and stop it from turning to mush when you first use it.

Some soaps have already been cured before you get them but it doesn’t hurt to cure them a little longer. This will not only improve the feel, but it will improve your budget as quality soaps are not cheap. The soaps we provide in our monthly subscription boxes are Australian made by Tilley Soaps, and have been for the past 150 years. Although some are cured, as I mentioned before, it doesn’t hurt to cure them a little longer.


2. Keep it dry

You should always keep your soap dry when you are not using it. Storing soap in a stream of running water, or on a shelf in your shower area will make it break down really quick. Everyone has opened a new cake of soap and watched it mysteriously disappear. That’s the water!

You need airflow around the soap when not in use so it can dry. That’s the key, air circulation. So discard the fancy soap dishes that don’t have drain holes. The more holes the better when it comes to soap dishes.

If you really want the best from your soap, then each person should have their own cake. Otherwise the cake of soap will stay continuously wet, or at least never dry completely as ultimately desired.

If multiple people are using the same bar of soap each morning, one person right after another, the bar will always be wet and never fully dry… and therefore, continuously in the process of melting.  However, if the bar is allowed to dry completely before being used again, it’ll last much longer.


3. STOP using your hands!

Your hands have this amazing inability to produce and retain a good lather. So stop using them! We all know this from experience, but we completely ignore the obvious things in life more than often not.

The best thing to do is to use a loofah, or a face wash cloth. It’s easy to get these soapy quickly with a few good rubs and then you can put your soap aside again to dry. The loofah, or face wash cloth is the bus so to speak. It will absorb and deliver the lather for you as long as you need. Can you imagine how much soap you’ll be saving by doing this? Simple, but genius!


4. Does size matter?

Yes, it does. Well with soap anyhow. People have the thought that a larger cake of soap will last longer than a smaller one. Scientific evidence proves that a smaller surface area of soaps means that less water can come in contact with it, meaning it will last longer. Weird but true.

Don’t be afraid to cut your cakes of soap in half, or even thirds if they’re really large. Believe me, it works!



Store, keep dry, save money and stay clean!

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