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Special Dads!

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”

What a beautiful quote! My daughter gave me a small wall plaque with this quote on it that hangs in my office. It reminds me each day of how lucky I am, and the fact that all fathers can be special dads when given the right opportunity.

Many dads experience the pleasure and excitement of playing an integral part in rearing a child. The more that the dads increase their involvement, the stronger and better the parent-child relationship becomes. Dads help build character, model respect and clearly show existence of integrity and truth.

When dads embrace their role as a parent, their children grow up to become confident, honorable and loving adults.

Fathers Day is only round the corner so now is a great opportunity to spoil them. Take advantage of some of the excellent gift ideas that Sending Love… has created for this special occasion.

Happy Fathers Day to all the special dads out there! And thank you to all the mums that help make us so special!


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