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Sending Love currently supports International China Concern

When Sending Love started, it introduced a meaningful way of showing how special the people we care the most are to us. This business model has proved that distance and time will never hinder us from truly expressing our love through simple but very unique gift.

These distinguishing, thoughtfully-arranged gift items seek to either build or strengthen connections with our families, friends or even with random people. And though simple in scale, the uniqueness of Sending Love boxes allow us to deliver messages to our loved ones – whether it be a candle to give them warmth, or a simple charm to help them make it through the days ahead.

The positive messages we’ve received from our customers is proof that a Sending Love gift box can truly be a practical and affordable way of telling someone how much he or she is loved. But the uniqueness of this approach and message has the ability to touch others who may be deprived of the necessary love and attention they need.

As a result, Sending Love is committed to supporting charitable causes and foundations, wherever they may be. One of the groups we are supporting is International China Concern, or ICC. Based in China, ICC is a Christian development organization dedicated to supporting the country’s disabled and abandoned children. Now, more than ever, is there a need for the ICC. According to statistics, 1.2 million babies in China are born with birth defects, while a baby with a disability is born every 30 seconds. What’s even worse is that there are more than 460,000 abandoned children living in the country – less than one-fifth of them living in orphanages.

ICC helps these children by providing permanent housing through family-style home groups, as well as giving them round-the-clock medical care, therapy and vocational training. They also accept donations which are directed to the daily needs of the children. Apart from collecting donations, ICC also allows individuals and organizations to sponsor an orphan or disabled child by supporting their overall needs and rehabilitation through regular monetary pledges.

For 25 years, ICC has done impactful work in ensuring the best orphan and disability care in China. Since their establishment in 1993, more than 900 abandoned children have received holistic care and nurturing. 290 children as well have been adopted by families in both China and overseas. These results truly highlight the significance of the work ICC is doing in the country, and how it is slowly and continuously securing the future of children whom, at some point, seemed to have lost all hope for a better life.

More importantly, ICC’s purpose aligns with ours, and the idea of Sending Love will surely put a smile to these children’s faces. This is the reason why we are sponsoring a precious little girl named Yang Jun Yu, or as she is more affectionately called, “Yu Yu”.

Yu Yu’s story’s is unfortunate at first, but gets better. Abandoned when she was only 20 days old, she was diagnosed with a visual and hearing impairment after being put into intensive care. For her to get better, she will need surgery and constant treatment. But this situation did not hinder Yu Yu from becoming an adorable girl. Some of her favorite activities include eating, followed by a good little nap. She enjoys being tickled, especially in her neck, tummy and legs. She would suck her finger and make noises out of it, her own cute way of singing.

Fortunately, she has shown tremendous progress. She is responding well to her surroundings, fully aware if she is being called. She returns an innocent and charming smile to someone who whispers closely to her ear.

Someday, we hope to finally see and meet Yu Yu and other children cared for by ICC in person. For now, we will continue to support her needs and send love her way. After all, children like her are the embodiment of Sending Love’s overall mission and purpose – to give love and warmth to those who need it, wherever they may be.

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