I believe inlove,
I believe in dreaming and I believe in reaching for the impossible

Send Some Love

Send a box of love to someone special to you

My name is Lisa. I believe in love, I believe in dreaming and I believe in reaching for the impossible. I believe that we should all be able to show those who are special to us just how much we care – and that is why I created Sending Love. I wanted to create a tangible way for everyone to show their kindred how very special they are and how much they are loved. And from there Sending Love was born – a tangible gift box, delivered to a loved one full of gifts, sentiment and, of course, love.

I pour into each box that I send. Each theme is chosen to be unique, creative and to inspire connection between the giver and the recipient. Each item is chosen because it means something to me and I hope that it might strengthen bonds and promote connection. Each box also gives back to the community, by supporting local artisans and overseas charities – that way the love just keeps going around.

My goal is that each Sending Love box is an affordable, simple and practical way to show love. And I hope that every recipient of my beautiful boxes can feel the hug I am sending them.

But for me Sending Love is about even more than that. Sending Love is how I show my daughter, Katie that I love her. Sending Love enables me to show my beautiful teenager that you can live a life that puts kindness first. That kindness is a choice and, even though at times it can be hard, you can always choose to be kind. And that you can create a business out of something that makes your heart full and gives to others. I want Katie to know, as she grows into womanhood, that she can do anything that she puts her mind to and infuse kindness, integrity and love into your work, as well as all through your life.

So thank you for visiting the Sending Love website. You are welcome here. Take your time, browse through all our beautiful Recent Boxes, sign up to our newsletter to get a little love into your inbox each month and think of the special people in your life that you want to send love to.

- Lisa

We love Fiji, the tranquility, the smiles of the Fijian people and we love that it is a country that is deep in tradition but still embraces the changes happening around it. Its beauty and its people are just so good for our soul. Katie and I volunteer in a Fijian school each year, teaching English to local children. We love playing a positive role in the lives of these children, however the blessings of friendship and love that we have received from the friends we have met in Fiji have given us more joy than we could have imagined.

- Katie and I

Katie loves being the quality controller for all our items. She uses each item we choose to go in the box to make sure that it is durable and of the best quality. Katie is a proud member of the Sending Love team.

- Katie

Chief production manager – motivator and time waster all in one!

- Bobbie